The Rush for Airbrush

I must admit it took me a while to get on the airbrush bandwagon, as after 10 years of perfecting the application of foundation using techniques from fingertips, sponges and brushes- how could there possibly be a better way?

Well, after some trial and error I can now confidently recommend the airbrush application for those who fit the criteria.

airbrushing image

So what's the criteria? Most importantly understand that airbrush makeup is about the application technique not just about the foundation itself, there are different formulas available including water based, alcohol based and silicone based (my preference). The difference with each formula is- Water based, is good for the skin to wear everyday but doesn't give much staying power. Alcohol based, is very drying on the skin but waterproof so super long lasting. Silicone based, is water resistant (so, its tear and sweat proof but not swimming proof) long lasting for a day to night event (wedding) its oil free and gives all skin types healthy radiant glow.

The airbrush application lightly mists the foundation on the surface of the skin creating a flawless finish. The skin does not absorb the product so it doesn't settle in any pores or fine lines.

As there is no contact with the skin the application process is very hygienic making it perfect for problem/blemish prone skin.

Having said all that, remember it does 'sit on the surface of the skin' so while that can benefit some it doesn't benefit all skins. If you are not an everyday makeup wearer it will look and feel like too much makeup and you will probably prefer the traditional application of foundation that can give a sheer coverage and look like your skin.

For the makeup artist, while application is quicker, time is then made up with the thorough cleaning process after application to ensure there is no product buildup in the air gun and it can be bulky and heavy to carry around.

So, should you rush for airbrush? Yes, if you want long lasting, water resistant makeup with a flawless finish and you are concerned about how your make will look in photos. No, if you prefer to look like 'you' on your wedding day and want to look as natural as possible, makeup can still last with the right primer and setting/touch up powder.

I use Temptu Airbrush foundation in the silicone base formula, this formula is recognised as the highest quality airbrush formula worldwide. If you are still unsure about which technique to go for on your wedding day I am happy to show you both techniques at no extra cost so you can compare to help make your decision.